Motion Graphics & Whiteboard Animation

Motion graphics add a whole new level of communication to your message. The mere fact that they move grab and hold your viewers attention. And as a communication tool they allow you to describe and dramatize your information more viscerally.  More and more video is becoming a dominant medium where people seek information.  Take advantage of this dynamic attention getting tool.

Custom whiteboard animation draws viewers in, catalyzing understanding and action. It connects on an emotive level, making it an ideal medium to convey substantive information easily and effectively. In these explainer videos, concepts are illustrated in seemingly real time in front of viewers, leading them effortlessly into the details of your message. The process makes use of the “show, don't tell” maxim for movie scripts, breaking down your message into details that are easily absorbed and — because they are conveyed both visually and verbally — remembered by both visual and verbal learners. 

Because of the low production costs (no live action photography with props and actors needed), the price of whiteboard video animation is usually less than that of most other video types. Scott can create custom whiteboard videos for any idea or product. Contact him for a quote. And check out these great videos Scott illustrated for Feeding Nine Billion.

Scott's Whiteboard animation portfolio