Comic Book Art 

You've got a story to tell. Comics dramatize and emote to get your message to sink in at a core level. Humans are programmed to think and understand their world through story, and two thirds of the world is geared to learn effectively through visual information. A powerful comic story can be 3 panels long, 3 pages... 70 or 150 pages long, depending on what you want to get across.  Scott has been a freelance comic book artist for almost 20 years, with experience working with clients from various industries. Scott will work closely with you to make your vision of a comic book come to life, while you get to see and collaborate on the progress each step of the way. Scott works with a talented team of comic book artists to accelerate the speed of production while delivering high quality artwork. Your story is important so you want skilled professional graphic novel artists to make it come alive in the imaginations of your readers. Contact Scott for a quote today! Check out some of Scott's work below.  You can also see some of them featured in the Projects section on this website.

Scott's Comic Book Artist Portfolio