Infographics and Illustrated Graphic Design

Infographic design is very important for modern day content writing.  People generally don't want to read an entire article of text to get an understanding of something, they want visuals to help! An infographic designer can greatly benefit your content by capturing and holding the viewer's attention. Infographics for elementary students are highly effective if you want them to learn and understand concepts better, and infographics for social media will increase your brand awareness while creating more conversions. What really makes infographics so great is that they are easy to share! When it comes to content marketing, strong use of images and graphics can get you 94% more views than articles that just use text. Finding someone who makes infographics with quality and attention to detail can be difficult and expensive. That's where Scott comes in. He's been an infographic designer for more than 20 years and has grown to enjoy making them; for less than what the competitors are charging. Contact Scott for a quote today! See some of his work below.

Scott's Infographics and graphic design portfolio