Scott Mooney: Communication that Sparks Imagination

With over 20 years of experience crafting visual messages, Scott Mooney can draw connections, give your message vitality and tell your story graphically for maximum comprehension and impact. Contact Scott Mooney for a quote or see his list of services below.


Motion Graphic Design

Video has become the dominant communication medium. Motion design translates your message clearly and personally into compelling video for live presentations and world-wide viewing.



Readers often don’t bother to read articles — but they will look at the graphics. Infographics, a combination of images and text, can be more effective at engaging readers and conveying complex information than traditional articles.



Hand-drawn images stand out from the clutter of snapshots that flood our media today. Illustrate why your brand and ideas matter.


Comic Book Art

Comics are what many of us read first at a young age. This early emotional connection remains for kids young and old. Even short comics can create powerful stories that linger in your readers’ imaginations.


Looking for a gift to celebrate a milestone or event? A cartoon portrait can be a thoughtful, fun way to inspire and honour a work colleague, family member or friend. It’s a keepsake with a smile.

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Logo Design

A logo is the first impression that potential customers see when considering to work with a company. Although it is not your entire brand, it tells a story about your business that can let people quickly grasp what it is about. Scott has designed logos for businesses and organizations around Canada.