The Cartoon Portrait

To make an image that inspires positive vision about the person or people in the image Scott will lead you through a collaborative process something like this:

Reference for Farley.jpg

Step 1: Intel

Gathering information to build the story that a cartoon portrait will tell starts with learning from you what the purpose of the image is, learning some key attributes and aspirations and accomplishments about the person or people, getting some reference photos that allow Scott to capture their likeness in the final artwork.

Farley by Scott Mooney Sketch.jpg

Step 2: Construct

The sketch stage allows us to collaborate in developing the visual story. You'll give your feedback on the sketch to make sure it represents the subject well, and we will make some changes if need be.

Karen Donaghey 2017 INK 2 Demo.jpg

Step 3: Refine and pop

Inking and colouring the artwork add refinement, depth, and pop to the image, adding another layer of expressiveness and emotional connection to the image. And voila!