Scott Mooney

I am driven by a passion for the creative process, comics, visual storytelling, personal development, health, personal well being, and community development.  


In collaboration with you, the client, I create fun attractive visual stories to carry your message directly to the amygdala of your readers's brain!  This structure automatically processes the emotional content of a person's sensory input and motivates them to act upon that.  Emotions are memorable.  Exciting stories are memorable.  Loaded pictures are memorable.  And more importantly, they cause action and behaviour.  If you want to have a positive influence on the world, be a great communicator.

Inspired by a lifetime of reading comics and watching cartoons... even to this day... I use the vibrant powerful design tools of these media to deliver your message with impact. Communicate your message in a format people can't stop themselves from taking in!  Visually exciting storytelling embeds itself in the brain before people even realize they are learning something.

Here's what I can make for you:

Beautiful illustrations. Entertaining comics, written and drawn. Captivating whiteboard animations. Fun and clear infographics.  Practical, flexible super-clean vector graphics. Lively inky brush drawings.  Foldable paper toys. Clear instructional graphics.  And much much more!


No great artist works alone!  On top of cohesively working with you and your team, I have a network of professionals to build teams with so that your large or small project is completed impeccably and on time. This includes other illustrators with exceptionally compatible skills to my own, an entire production team specializing in whiteboard animation, graphic designers, animators, film makers, photographers, writers, musicians, sound engineers, and more.


I've been a professional Illustrator since 1994. Earned an Honours Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from the University of Guelph in 1995. Illustrated two graphic novels. Have done a good deal of study of the inner workings of the human being, including psychology, human development, and human anatomy.  Taken several leadership trainings and practice that leadership with my production teams. Volunteer in a high level position within in a community building organization consisting of over 200 volunteers.  Have collected an impressive list of clients over the years, as you can see below. And somehow manage to remain humble about the whole thing. ;-)


Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA), University of Guelph,, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), UpHere Business Magazine, Firefly Books, Guelph Aids Committee (Arch), CommonVision Inc., Allstream, Foldigo, Zeroes2Heros, AECOM, Canadian Red Cross, Gartner Lee, Dogs in Canada Magazine, TedX Toronto 2010, City of Guelph, CSL Silicones, Hillside Festival Guelph, Market Force,, Launch/CIM, Colgate, Glade, Pizza Nova, Organic Garage, Harper Collins, Thomas King, Scholastic Canada, Cambridge University Press, Metrix Group, Canada Post, Creative Options, Norshipco, Coca-Cola, Lowes, K-Mart, Pep Boys,, Chupa Chups Candy, Guillian Chocolates, Second Cup, Dell Computers...